Crown Thinning

Crown Thinning involves removing branches from the tree whilst maintaining its overall shape. A great idea if you want more light to enter your property or if you have dead branches which you'd like removed.


Tree Felling

Tree felling is the act of completely cutting through a tree. If your tree is rotting, has become inconvenient or is causing harm to its surroundings, then we securely take down the tree for you. We dismember the tree, cutting branches before being lowered towards the ground using rope or a crane. See an example here!



Pollarding is the method we use to prevent trees from outgrowing their intended space. We commonly recommend this treatment to customers when their trees begin to interfere with electricity cables and street lights.


Crown Lifting

When the branches of a tree begin at an inconvenient height we Crown Lift, raising the height of the branches of the tree. Ideal if you plan to hang a swing, add a bench or for simply for safety measures.


Crown Reduction

Otherwise recognised as 'Pruning', Crown Reduction involves reducing the size of the tree. Whether due to space concerns, safety or for the health of the tree, Crown Reduction is the service for you.